Wild Hides

Wild Hides

From the makers of Runnin' Wild

Wild Hides uses all natural, American beef hide to produce a healthy alternative to the rawhide. Our hide rolls are developed to be easier on your dogs digestive system but with the same great taste your pet will love.

On a beautiful farm in Georgia,

You can find pristine land where buffalo roam, horses graze and dogs frolic. This place is Runnin’ Wild Farms, started by a love for animals and a way to give homes to animals in need, the farm has grown from a few acres to a few thousand acres over the last decade. After many years creating gourmet food products the team at Runnin’ Wild decided to go back to its roots and develop a new company that can meet the needs of pet lovers across the country. Just as we built a farm to better the lives of animals we have created a product line to offer a better product made with premium ingredients by people who love pets and know they deserve only the best. Wild Hides meets and exceeds these needs with great flavor, American raised cattle, and a product that is overall healthier for your pets. Give it a try today.

Available now in Beef and Bacon flavors!