Wild Hides

Wild Hides

From the makers of Runnin' Wild

Wild Hides uses all natural, American beef hide to produce a healthy alternative to the rawhide. Our hide rolls are developed to be easier on your dogs digestive system but with the same great taste your pet will love.

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Easy on the Tum-Tum

Did you know that regular rawhides can be very difficult for your dog to digest? Rawhides can be very tough and sharp once torn, these sharp edges can hurt/damage your dogs digestive system. WildHides sticks are made using a special grinding process, rawhides are ground up and formed into rawhide sticks. As your dog chews the rawhide it becomes soft and has no sharp edges making it a safer alternative that your dog will love. It is especially great for older dogs with little or no teeth and dogs with sensitive digestive systems. Give your dog the same great taste of a rawhide without the worry by choosing WildHides.

Available now in Beef and Bacon flavors!

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